Package includes 6 packs of 245mm Day Use 10 pcs/pack.

ESSENSE sanitary napkins are specially developed primarily to women's needs and best health protection during their menstrual period. It had easily achieved the requirements of the modern women with a combination of multiple advanced technologies.

Women today are more or less facing puzzles during menstrual period. These are mostly caused by choosing and using sub-standard sanitary napkins which affected their health in different degree.

These are the few things that hassle the women most during menstrual period:
  • Irregular menstruation and menstrual pain
  • The “Napkins” usage comfort level
  • Absorptions and leakage protection
  • Infections
  • Unbearable itching and embarrassing odor
  • The problem of excessive vaginal discharge after menstruation
Essense napkins have a premium soft pure cotton surface that had sterilized by using high-temperature and ultra-violet rays. This high quality material is not only solved various menstrual problems faced by women today, but also ensure a better softness and most comfort feeling that other sub-standard napkins with a paper pulp and PE surface layer will never do. Safety, Hygiene Essense is using a SAP absorbent which is 100% imported from Japan. This super absorbent polymer can instantly transform the menstrual flow to a gel form and lock in the moisture to avoid back flow and leakage. It gives you 100% of confidence even on your heavy flow days. (Other sub-standard napkins are only using recycle papers or added in some other under grade absorbent which are not only has a very poor absorption but also contain heavy metals and bacterial that will certainly harmed.)

Dry, Comfortable

Essense has a very good air permeable base layer, rapidly drives away moist air and evacuate dampness and heat. Its breathability helps to minimize the multiplication of harmful bacteria; this will effectively reduces the chances of getting infection during menstruation. (A moisture environment will cause multiplication of harmful bacteria; the situation can be worse as most ladies do not frequently change their napkins.) Essense had also added another layer of pure cotton membrane on the base layer that provides best leak-proof protection. (This can’t even found on some other branded napkins)

Clean, Health care

Essense not only providing the women a complete protection but also promotes health. It is also adopting the Korea patent Bio-Pro Technology and the Taiwan’s Nano- Technology to develop a patent 3 in 1 multi-functional chip ( BPT synergy core stripe ). This exclusive BPT synergy core stripe has 3 major functions that promote health:
  1. Negative Ions
  2. Far- infrared
  3. Nano Silver
Perfect 9 layers structure:
  1. High temperature and ultra-violet sterilized soft cotton surface layer, better softness and comfort, maintains dry and refresh feeling.
  2. Essense exclusive 3 in 1 multi-functional chip ( BPT Synergy Core Stripe), a complex of Korea patent Bio-Pro Technology and the Taiwan’s Nano- Technology, contains bactericidal function of Negative-Ions, Far-Infrared and Nano-Silver.
  3. Super soft dust-free layer, 360˚wrapping the absorbent, softer and more comfortable.
  4. SAP absorbent which is 100% imported from Japan, instantly transform the menstrual flow to a gel form and lock in the moisture to avoid back flow and leakage.
  5. Super soft dust-free layer, 360˚wrapping the absorbent, softer and more comfortable.
  6. Leak-proof membrane that can increase the tension of the back layer but not affecting the permeability, achieving best leak-proof protection.
  7. A high quality back layer, rapidly drives away moist air, evacuates dampness and heat, prevent the growth of bacteria.
  8. Adhesive base layer that is using food grade gum and does not contain heavy metal or harmful chemical gas.
  9. Peel off stripe for easy tear off.
Essense has these four different specifications of napkins to meet different requirements.
  • Panty Liner 155mm
  • Day Use Pad 245mm
  • Night Use Pad 290 mm
  • Extra Long Night Use Pad 330mm

Product Function

  1. Eliminate bacteria
  2. Deodorization
  3. Adjust physiological function
  4. Improve gynecological diseases
Characteristic of Essense products:
Negative-Ions in the ESSENSE sanitary napkins can increase the amount of oxygen in the air, oxygen can also kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and help to activate our cells. Nano-Silver with good antibacterial effect and can help to kill the bacteria, prevent reflux of bacteria that causing infection and also to reduce odors and vaginal discharge. While the Far -Infrared can promote blood circulation, activate physiological function and relieve menstrual pain.

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ESSENSE 3 in 1 multi-functional sanitary napkins - 245mm Day Use 5+1 packs

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